Tickets, Misdemeanors, and Gross Misdemeanor Defense – Everybody can get a ticket.  Tickets add up and, in the internet age, never ‘go away’.  Mark W. Kelly served as a Prosecuting Attorney for 25 years.  He knows the process and has resolved hundreds of tickets, Misdemeanors and Gross Misdemeanor citations to the satisfaction of his clients.  He can advise you on the options your case presents, the likely outcomes, and represent you in court. Please contact Mark W. Kelly for legal representation on your traffic ticket, misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor traffic citations to minimize tickets, and if possible, keep your record clean.  Call Mr. Kelly.

DWI – REMEMBER, if a police officer ever asks you to submit to a Blood Alcohol Test, say YES.  If you refuse, it is a crime, you will be prosecuted – an easy conviction -, and you will lose your driver’s license for a year. A DWI will cause you to lose your driving privileges, force you to answer a criminal charge, require that you pay a fine, and you may serve jail time.  A first time DWI is a misdemeanor that will stay on your record indefinitely.  A second DWI in ten years is a Gross Misdemeanor.  If there are more you may lose your car, and the mandatory amount of jail time grows. A fourth offense is a felony.  If you get a DWI you need a lawyer to minimize the impact.  A lawyer can also determine whether the police stop should be challenged.  That must be done promptly or the legality of the stop is waived.  If you have been arrested for DWI, get a lawyer to represent you ASAP.