A Will allows you to nominate an Executor and direct distribution of personal and real property and other investments to a spouse, children, heirs, and select charities.  A Simple Will is often sufficient, but it must be properly prepared and executed if it is to have effect.  In today’s internet age electronic data base accounts […]


A Trust is a present financial management tool that will also speak for you after death.  As such it can serve to avoid the need for probate proceedings. It can unburden you of the need to personally manage your financial affairs and give you the confidence of present financial management through a trustee, perhaps a […]

Business Sales

Selling or buying a business is a complex detailed process that requires a carefully considered and drafted Purchase Agreement with financial disclosures, warranties, supporting documentation, and non-compete agreements. Mark W. Kelly has handled business sales and purchases for clients to their full satisfaction for the past 30 years.  He can represent your business in the […]

LLC’s, S-Corp, and Business Start-Up

Starting a business? It is wise to establish a Limited Liability Company, or a Subchapter “S” Corporation to manage your business affairs. These serve to define your business risk and can shelter you from personal claims. Mark W. Kelly can create a company for you and provide the Articles of Organization, Bylaws, Minutes of Action, and Member […]

Real Estate

Real Estate Sales – For over 30 years Mark W. Kelly has aided people in buying and selling property.  He can prepare the needed purchase agreements and supporting addenda you need to sell your home.  Contracts for Deed – Properties can be sold between parties, privately, without a mortgage, by use of a Contract for […]

Zoning and Municipal Law

Mark W. Kelly has served as a City Attorney for over 30 years and attended hundreds of city council meetings. He has extensive experience in zoning matters and municipal law. If you have land development plans likely in need of a conditional use permit or variance, Mr. Kelly can advise you and prepare the request, work […]


If a police officer ever asks you to submit to a Blood Alcohol Test, say YES. If you refuse, it is a crime, you will be prosecuted – an easy conviction, and you will lose your driver’s license for a year. A DWI will cause you to lose your driving privileges, force you to answer a […]

Tickets, Misdemeanors, and Gross Misdemeanor Defense

Everybody can get a ticket. Tickets add up and, in the internet age, never ‘go away’. Mark W. Kelly served as a Prosecuting Attorney for 25 years. He knows the process and has resolved hundreds of tickets, Misdemeanors and Gross Misdemeanor citations to the satisfaction of his clients. He can advise you on the options your case presents, the […]

Living Will

A Healthcare Directive, sometimes referred to as a Living Will, authorizes another to instruct your doctor when, in the doctor’s opinion, you are no longer to consult on your care.  You may use a Healthcare Directive to also make hospice care instructions, but that is the true role of a Living Will. Of value to […]

Estate Planning

Everybody should have an Estate Plan.  An Estate Plan follows from discussion of the client’s needs and expectations in the management of their affairs, both presently, and after death.  Each person’s situation is unique.  Your personal needs will dictate whether your Estate Plan will include a Last Will and Testament, a Revocable Living Trust, an […]