Real Estate Sales – For over 30 years Mark W. Kelly has aided people in buying and selling property.  He can prepare the needed purchase agreements and supporting addenda you need to sell your home. 

Contracts for Deed – Properties can be sold between parties, privately, without a mortgage, by use of a Contract for Deed.  Mr. Kelly can customize a contract for deed to your specific needs.  If your contract buyer is failing to pay, cancellation of the contract may become necessary.  Mark W. Kelly welcomes the opportunity to work with you on these matters.

Boundary Line Disputes and Title Issues With Mark W. Kelly’s 30 years of experience, he has aided clients to resolve boundary line, marketable title, encroachments, clouds on a title, and real estate matters of all kinds.  Mr. Kelly welcomes the opportunity to advise you on your real estate questions and disputes. 


LLC’s, S-Corp, and Business Start-Up – Starting a business?  It is wise to establish a Limited Liability Company, or a Subchapter “S” Corporation to manage your business affairs.  These serve to define your business risk and can shelter you from personal claims.  Mark W. Kelly can create a company for you and provide the Articles of Organization, Bylaws, Minutes of Action, and Member Control Agreements in a customized form, meeting your needs.  Mr. Kelly can also assist in company management and shareholder sales and transfers of ownership.

Business Sales – Selling or buying a business is a complex detailed process that requires a carefully considered and drafted Purchase Agreement with financial disclosures, warranties, supporting documentation, and non-compete agreements. Mark W. Kelly has handled business sales and purchases for clients to their full satisfaction for the past 30 years.  He can represent your business in the negotiation, documentation, and purchase agreement process.

Zoning/Municipal Law – Mark W. Kelly has served as a City Attorney for over 30 years and attended hundreds of city council meetings. He has extensive experience in zoning matters and municipal law.  If you have land development plans likely in need of a conditional use permit or variance, Mr. Kelly can advise you and prepare the request, work with city officials, and make presentations before the planning commissions and city councils for a favorable outcome.

Zoning Code Infractions – If you receive a demand to comply with a city zoning code, you need legal advice and representation.  You can be charged with a misdemeanor.  Mr. Kelly has favorably resolved zoning cases and issues related to permitted uses, conditional use permits, or variances for many property owners.  Please contact Mr. Kelly for an appointment to discuss your matter.